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Lauren always enjoyed the arts, but it was not until her time at Fontbonne that her simple enthusiasm developed into full-fledged dedication. Throughout her high school career, she has increasingly devoted her time to fine art, writing, music, film, and photography. She finds inspiration in a wide range of areas, from real-life human quirks to otherworldly elements of fantasy. Although Lauren has a long list of creative influences, she owes the beginning of her artistic journey to retired teacher Mr. Bellinger.
She is currently an editor-in-chief of Fontbonne's online newspaper, the Folio. She is also the President of Fontbonne's Girls Who Code chapter. In fact, Lauren is involved in a good number of extracurricular activities. She is also the first High School Program participant in the Bay Ridge Storefront Art Walk, which will commence this spring.
She will further pursue her passions in college, where she plans to receive a BA and possibly double major. As she narrows down her career goals, she would like to become a published fiction author along the way.
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