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Science at Fontbonne

Forensics: Mock Crime Scene
Who killed "Patches" ? Forensics students examine the body of the neighborhood scarecrow at Cannonball Park. The focus of the Mock Crime Scene was to use the principles and techniques of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Anthropology and many other sciences in order to solve a mystery. Based on previous laboratory experiences, students solved a crime using their lab skills and knowledge. Suspects included a cow, dog and crow.
Freshmen students are ready to test the strength of their atomic models that they designed and built for their Practical Engineering and Advanced Physical Science class at Fontbonne Hall Academy. The goal was to represent an atom that is held together from materials that resist breakage when dropped from a height of 14 feet. The materials preventing damage would be analogous to the strong nuclear force, and also to a more limited sense, weak nuclear force.