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College Bridge Programs

Registration Procedures for Spring 2016


Registration for SJU CAP will take place from Monday, January 25th through Monday, February 1st.   Those of you currently enrolled in any of the following courses for the fall semester, are advised to register for the spring 2016 semester: 


Spring Course Offerings (3 credits)--Grade 12*


Honors Analysis

Spanish 4

College English

Anatomy & Physiology


Spring Course Offerings (3 credits): Grade 11*


Spanish 4


*Italian 4 will not be offered this semester.


Registration Procedure

Since your eligibility was established in the fall, simply come to Room 103 after FA business in the morning, or to any of my resources (please refer to FHA Resource Schedule) for an Enrollment Permit.   Complete and return the Enrollment Permit to Ms. DeLuca, along with a check in the appropriate amount (the cost of each course is $325) made payable to Fontbonne Hall Academy by Monday, February 2nd.  This deadline must be strictly adhered to!


Keep in mind that students who enroll in St. John’s University will receive a $2,000 tuition grant for each of their  four years at SJU.


Remember that many colleges and universities accept transfer credit of a grade of C or better.  I have a list of those schools which accept transfer credit from SJU--which is not an exhaustive list.  If the college or university that you are hoping to attend is not on the list, it is recommended that you contact their admissions (transfer) office.


St. Francis College High School Bridge Program


Fall 2015 introduces a new college partnership for Fontbonne Hall Academy.... St. Francis College. In addition to the existing St. John’s University College Advantage Program for our Grades 11 and 12, we have added the St. Francis College High School Bridge Program. Similar to SJU CAP courses, these courses will be taught by qualified FHA teachers here at the school. In this inaugural year, we are offering two, three-credit courses in the fall semester:


BUS1001  Organization and Management     3 credits     Fall Semester

(Fontbonne Hall Academy Course 272 Introduction to Business Instructor: Mr. Tutone)


WRI 110   Basic Writing     3 credits     Fall Semester

(Fontbonne Hall Academy Course 142 English 12   Instructor:  Mr. Ugenti)


The cost of each of these courses is $210. You will be billed by the college directly. At the end of the school year, the St. Francis College Registrar will send each student a complimentary transcript. Should a senior need copies as you submit  your college applications, you may request them through SFC Registrar. Instructions can be found on SFC website at


For more information, or to obtain a St. Francis College High School Bridge Program Application Form, please e-mail me at, or stop by my FA, Room 103.  Applications are due by Monday, September 28, 2015.


Ms. DeLuca

Director of College Bridge Programs