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STEM at Fontbonne

Lexus Eco-Challenge - Water Pollution
The Avatars, led by Keara Donahue, have researched, developed and designed a unique and efficient method for cleaning up New York's East River. Watch as Keara, as well as Cassandra Ayoub, Sarah Berka, Cassandra Burrell, Alyssa Federico, Adriana Gonzalez, Shania Shehata and Anette Tikkop walk you through their plan.
Santa's Workshop
This year the FHA STEM program is beginning a new way to bring the joy of the holiday season to underprivileged children. Through your donations of old and unused electronics and toys, our students will apply their STEM knowledge into turning what was once considered junk into brand "new" toys for children. In addition to the toys themselves, students will be including individually made user manuals for their toys that describe how to use the toys as well as how they were created. With any luck we will be able to spread Christmas joy through STEM.
For information on donating please email: