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Learn more about DNA Center trip

On a recent field trip to the DNA Learning Center in Lake Success, Mrs. Ashkenazy's Biology Honors students had the unique opportunity to analyze a sample of their own DNA with state-of-the-art DNA microchip analyzers. The DNA Center is one of only two teaching labs in the US containing this equipment.

The group gained firsthand experience and knowledge, as they were able to isolate, amplify and analyze their DNA far more accurately than with agarose gel electrophoresis, allowing students to study their ancestral lineage. Throughout the 4.5 hour intensive lab, our students active engagement, hard work and commitment paid off, as each participant completed an electropherogram, displaying their very own genotype inherited from both parents.

While exploring the center, students also toured the NS-LIJ Clinical Core Lab. This is one of two world-class robotic labs that contain robotic arms and conveyor belts from start to finish. Blood samples and hematology from the surrounding local area hospitals are processed robotically, completely untouched by hand.
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