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Allison Bartholomeo is currently in her senior year at Fontbonne and a member of the National Honor Society. Throughout her four years, she has taken six AP courses and has maintained a 95 or above average. She is a Physical Education Leader and a member of the Respect Club, Lifestream, as well as the Culture Club. So far, she has received the Presidential Scholarship to two colleges.

She has done community service at a variety of locations. At St. Patrick’s, she helps teach soccer and basketball. She also helps to sell food and drinks at gym on weekends. At the Special Olympics at St. Camillus in Rockaway, she helps people of all ages with special needs to learn how to work as a team and have fun through sports activities. She also tutors kids in the neighborhood. 


Since freshman year she has been involved in sports at Fontbonne. Allison started playing for JV Soccer and Basketball. Within the past three years, she and her team have won one Basketball CHSAA Championship and two Soccer CHSAA championships. She is currently playing on the Varsity Soccer team and is the captain of the Varsity Basketball team.  


In addition, Allison has been in Major art for the past 3 years. She has always had a love for art and is very proud to be a Major Art student. She's created many different pieces throughout her time at Fontbonne, using a variety of mediums such as gouache, chalk, charcoal, paint, colored pencil, markers, and wax. For her senior year, she is working on a concentration of the New York Subway. This will include about eight pieces that are related to the subway. The first piece is the “Manspread”. This drawing is being published in the international "Voices & Visions Journal" under their theme of perspectives. Receiving such an award has made her, as well as the school community, very proud of her work. 

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