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Ralph Somma

  • Bachelor of Arts, English Language & Literature, Macaulay Honors College at Hunter, CUNY (2012) 
  • Master of Science, Adolescent Education in English, Brooklyn College, CUNY (2017)
2018-2019 COURSES
  • English 10 (3 sections)
  • Print & Broadcast Journalism
  • The Folio - Fontbonne Hall Academy's online newspaper, Staff Editor-in-Chief
  • The Shore Road Scoop - Fontbonne's news broadcast, Staff Editor-in-Chief


Recent Posts

Week of 12/17

Hey journalists, happy last school week of 2018!
Great job with that news segment on the Veteran's Day Scare (sorry we couldn't come up with a flashier name). 
This week we're going to begin work on podcasts (yes, podcasts do often practice journalism). This year (or technically next year, I guess), for the first time ever, National Public Radio is hosting the NPR Student Podcast Challenge. Everyone will choose a topic for her own podcast, and come up with a script over the break. In 2019, we will pick our favorite and produce it for submission in the contest.
NPR journalists will come to the school with the winning submission, interview the teacher and students, and present a trophy. The winning podcast will also be broadcast nationwide on NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered. I'll be honest everybody - I really want to win. But I also want you all to choose topics that truly interest you - because if a topic interests you, chances are it will interest others as well. Let's make a podcast that all Bonnies can be proud of.

Week of 12/17

Welcome to the last school week in 2018!
This week we're going to take a step back and focus on some short stories as we go to a Chamber Theatre Production of the works of Poe, Maupassant, Twain, Jacobs, and others.
Hopefully you all enjoyed reading either "The Tell-Tale Heart," "The Necklace," or "The Monkey's Paw." But more importantly, I hope you enjoy what Chamber Theatre Productions does to bring these short stories to life on stage.

Week of 12/3

Happy December!
This week we're going to continue working on our video segment for the Veteran's Day Scare (it's a working title). This incident scared many, and confused most of us, and I think we're all looking to find the truth of what really went down.
And this is our first real practice conducting investigative journalism, and everyone's very excited to see the end result.

Week of 12/3

Happy December!
In English 10 this week we are going to refine our discussion techniques as we work through the opening chapters of Alas, Babylon

Week of 10/29 - Halloween!

Hey there journalists,
This week, which is shortened by Halloween, we'll be working on our feature articles - painting portraits with our words. This is the last major assignment of the quarter, so we all really want to do a KILLER job with it.
Have a BONTASTIC Halloween everybody. And stay out of trouble - I'd hate to have to publish an unflattering article of your Halloween antics in The Folio.

Week of 10/29 - Halloween!

Hello Bonnies!
In this week, shortened by Halloween, we're going to be going over something super spooky - ESSAYS (actually writing shouldn't be intimidating, so let's all relax).
This week and next, we'll be wrapping our discussions of 1984 and crafting our analytical essays.

Week of 10/22 in Journalism

Hello journalists!
This week we're going to go over interviewing techniques, feature story writing, and investigative journalism in preparation for a future full-length article. So start thinking about what you may want to write about (maybe a feature on an interesting or important person or club in the school, or a topic or problem in FHA that you want to investigate more closely).

Week of 10/22 in English 10

Hello Bonnies and Parents of Bonnies!
This week we will first be going over our writing samples, looking for ways in which we can streamline our sentences so they read much more smoothly and clearly.
We will then tackle the different parts of The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism purportedly by Emmanuel Goldstein (remember that made-up book in the middle of 1984?) We will study the different parts of it in groups and teach it to each other in group presentations.
I look forward to another great week discussing 1984.

Week of 9/24 in Journalism

This week in Print & Broadcast journalism we're going to cover several topics, including:
- Grammar, the parts of a sentence and basic sentence structure - just to make sure we're all on the same page when it comes to editing
- The History of Journalism - important figures, technologies, and Supreme Court decisions that have influenced journalism's growth in the USA.
- Op-Ed Pieces - express yourself! FHA students are bright, thoughtful, and opinionated, so let's express our opinions about the school and the world around us. 

Week of 9/24 - Banned Books Week!

This week is Banned Books Week, and we in the English Department at FHA LOVE banned books. And what better way to celebrate banned books than to continue our discussion of one of our favorites: 1984.
We'll begin to discuss the themes that we noticed in 1984 and start looking for textual evidence of them in the early chapters. This will help set the stage for thematic discussions on the later chapters, and help us later on in the unit when we're completing essays and tests.
But wait - some jerk named Mr. Somma decided to ban 1984 from FHA! So we're each going to write him a one-page letter (due Friday, 9/28) telling him why that is such a horrible, un-American thing to do.