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Alumnae » My Fondest Fontbonne Memories...

My Fondest Fontbonne Memories...

Here are some memories shared by alumnae...if you would like to share a memory, send an email to:
" memories of days at Fontbonne Hall, our loyal hearts shall ever cling.."
Paula '69 ~ "Classes were interrupted so we could go outside to see the ocean liners pass under the Verrazano Bridge"
Theresa '76  ~ "Sports Night is my fondest memory.  The creativity, teamwork, and commraderie is such a happy memory for me. (If I remember correctly, our grade took home 1st place all four years!)"
Maureen "49 ~ "School Dances!  We would join in on the center of the floor and we would sing "Let there be Peace on Earth"! .. my dear friends.."
Angela '61 ~ "I remember being on the uniform selection committee to select the plaid uniforms.  I remember getting into trouble because we dyed our collar for St. Pat's Day - fearing detention for changing our shoes or removing our gloves and hats for the bus ride home!"
Mary January '56 ~ "All the girls were very friendly"
Marie '51 ~ "Being part of the extra-curricular activities, Riding Club, Folio, Camera Club, Orchestra, Basketball"
Rosemarie '64 ~ "I have many fond memories of Fontbonne and the special teachers and classmates I met...and I always smile to myself as I remember running through the library and seeing Sr. Abigail.  She would insist that I 'unroll my skirt'! "
Diane '76 ~ "good friends...good times...Math class...English class under the steps of the Main Building...the rabbits..lunch in the gym."
Loretta '60 ~ At graduation(Brooklyn Academy of Music) we were checked to be sure that our arms, chest, and back were appropriately covered - if NOT Sister would cover us with some sort of netting before walking down the Academy asile!"
Christine '79 ~ "Participating in 4 years of Sports Night!"
Joan '55 ~ "Cheer leading...driving Sr. David Miriam to visit her family in Flatbush"
Marie '65 ~ "So many wonderful ones!"
Sally '52 ~ "All four years were the Best!!"
Colette "52 ~ "Changing classes for each subject. Meeting all my "still best friends".  Having many wonderful teachers"
Cathy '51 ~ "Sr. Anne Monica - taught Biology"
Barbara '53 ~ "Cafeteria and Sr. Louis Bertrand - a counter with jelly sandwiches and Sister's special soup - one can of soup and 3 cans of water..terrible and great money maker."!  :-)
Anne Marie '57 ~ Going to class in the houses on 3rd Avenue.  The nuns lived upstairs where you were never allowed to go, unless you were asked to help with something."
Mary Ellen '76 ~ Watching the Verrazano Bridge built..camaraderie of the girls...The education was superb"
Constance '67 ~ My great Grandparents and great Aunt, Sister Louis Bertrand, CSJ, were instrumental in acquiring the property where Fontbonne now stands.  They were generous contributors.  My Mom and her 2 sisters are memorialized at the Chapel."
Veronica '73 ~ the small fire in the Science lab ...when the fire engines came, the whole school emptied out!"
JoAnn '68 ~ Chats with Sr. Maria Dolores and the girls in the classroom during lunch.  Dances on Sunday afternoon in the Fontbonne gym.
Irene '67 ~ "Glee Club - loved the trips in which we participated and sang - The World's Fair...Campus setting...lasting memories."
Cecilia '66 ~ "at graduation, the Principal told my mother how proud she was of me and that she was happy I chose Fontbonne!"
Marie Patricia '57 ~ My best teacher was Sr. Anne Monica. When I went to CW Post, I was grateful for my Fontbonne education."
Patricia '66  ~ "The wonderful friendships we had with other girls".
Ellen '64 ~ Orchestra, Campus Life, Friends 
Joan '66 ~ My relationship with Sister Maria Michaela ~ a VERY positive influence in my life.
Joyce '64 ~ Sister Saint Martin (Laurette Larkin) encouraging me to go away to college (Catholic University) when others discouraged me.  Lifelong friendships.
Anna '64 ~ Singing in Glee Club, Playing Nanki Poo in Mikado, watching the first pillar of the Verrazano Bridge being placed in the Narrows.
Regina ' 64 ~ Meeting new friends first day of freshman year and still friends after 50 years!
Theresa '80 ~ Entering the main building and having class in the tiny room under the steps!
Kim '80 ~ Sister Tamutola, Mrs Pfifferling, Wonderful Teachers!  Great mentors!
Kathleen '88 ~ Graduation luncheon at the Pierre
Jennifer '88 ~ Senior retreat at Shelter Island.
Alicia '86 ~ Mrs. Prescott taking us outside to have English class on nice days!