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Course Catalog » Computer Science Curriculum

Computer Science Curriculum

806 Introduction to Coding

This full year course will introduce the fundamental concepts of computer science, computational thinking and problem solving. An introduction to coding using programs such as Scratch, Blockly, and Javascript will be presented. Required of all 9th grade students.

Credit:   1

Instructor: Mrs. Rosemarie Ganser 


807 Applications of Coding

This course will require students to use their knowledge of coding to work collaboratively with a team that will result in a project based activity.  Required of all 10th grade students.

Credit:   1

Instructor: Mrs. Rosemarie Ganser


808 Computer Science I

This course is designed to help students gain a better understanding of the fundamental concepts of the field of computer science. The course will cover the basic knowledge that all computer scientists must have. Some of the topics to be covered include: hex and binary number systems, operating systems, programming with Scratch and Python, etc.

Credit:  0.5

Instructor: Mr. Mark Surdyka


809 Computer Science II

This course will provide you with a further application of programming as well as more complicated tasks. Programming will be done with C++ and include the following topics: Basic Functions, Abstract Functions and The Standard Library.

Credit: 0.5

Instructor: Mrs. Rosemarie Ganser