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Course Catalog » English


All students must take at least four years of English.


Regents Requirements: All students must take and pass the English Language Arts (ELA) Common Core exam.



Honors/AP Class Guidelines

For any student currently enrolled in an advanced English course (Honors or AP), the recommendation of the current teacher will be considered for continuation as well as the student’s course average.  



110 English 9

English 9 is a ninth-year course which stresses the development of reading, writing, speech, vocabulary and listening/note taking skills. Students are introduced to, and practice, essay writing.  Basic literary analysis and elementary research methods are introduced. Preparation for the new Regents exam is an important part of the course.

Credit:  1

Instructor: Mrs. Danielle Glasser


115 English 9 Honors

This course is an advanced ninth-year course. This is a rigorously paced class that focuses on evidence-based responses in MLA format, connecting literacy to society, and close analysis of literary works. Students should demonstrate advanced analytical reasoning and excellent writing skills. Admission is based on TACHS scores, elementary/ intermediate school records, and a placement exam administered by the English Department.

Credit:  1

Instructor: Mrs. Danielle Glasser 


120 English 10

English 10 is a tenth-year course which stresses further development of the language skills introduced in English 9. Special emphasis is placed on reading comprehension and literary appreciation. This year-long course will also include the continued development of the research paper. Preparation for the new Regents, PSAT and the SAT are included.

Credit:  1

Instructors: Mr. Ralph Somma


125 English 10 Honors

This is an advanced tenth-year course. This rigorously paced class focuses on more advanced writing techniques and adheres to MLA format. Students should be able to independently develop ideas and make connections within the texts. This class will cover more difficult topics than English 9 Honors. This class is comprised of students who have demonstrated excellent language skills, analytical skills, and a love of reading.

Credit: 1

Instructors: Ms. Magdalena Sosa


130 English 11 

This full-year course focuses on the various genres encompassed in American literature.  Each unit of work features writing by American authors in line with historical events covered in U.S. History.  Further development of the skills taught in Grades 9 and 10 continue and PSAT, SAT and Regents preparation are taught in preparation for the ELA Common Core exam.

Credit: 1

Instructor: Ms. Magdalena Sosa Mrs. Linda Winslow


147 Advanced Placement English Language and Composition

This year-long course, English Language and Composition, prepares the student to take the Advanced Placement test in English given in May of each year. The A.P. Exam and the ELA Common Core Regents exam are mandatory. This exam tests both writing ability and knowledge of various rhetorical modes. Students study how a writer’s choice of words, sentence length, sentence structure, and other elements affect his or her style. The student’s fluency in a variety of different writing modes will be expected. 

Prerequisites: Teacher recommendation. 

Credit:  1

Instructor: Mr. Daniel Ugenti 


142 English 12

This is a survey course focusing on different genres of Western literature and the writing process.  Students write papers of literary analysis, engage in discussions of literary works, prepare for the SAT and study vocabulary. Particular attention will be paid to examining the structure and methods authors use in their arguments. Students will be exposed to various styles of conversations and ways to appropriately respond with college-level writing and analysis. Qualifying students may take this course for St. John’s University and Saint Francis College credit. Students pursuing the St. Joseph's College Child Study or Nursing Pathway can take this class for college credit.

Credit:  1

Instructor: Mr. Daniel Ugenti 


146 Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition

This year-long course, English Literature and Composition, prepares the student to take the Advanced Placement test in English given in May of each year. The AP exam is mandatory. To this end, the students study many representative works of proven literary worth from several genres and periods.  In addition, they concentrate on concise and effective use of language in their written assignments. 

Prerequisites: Teacher recommendation.

Credit:  1

Instructor: Mrs. Linda Winslow  


150 Print Journalism

This is a prerequisite for Broadcast Journalism.  The focus of the class will be on the fundamental basics of Print Journalism.  The course will cover the history of Journalism, the fundamentals of AP style, the fundamentals of journalistic writing, the fundamentals of photo composition, and design basics.  Students must write for the Folio as part of their grade.  Their cumulative average in English must be over 80.

Credit:  1

151 Broadcast Journalism

Building on the foundation built in Print Journalism, this class will develop students' skills in news writing, videography, editing, and visual storytelling. Through hands-on experience in our Broadcast Journalism studio, students will create video content to stream online.

Credit:  1

Instructor: Mr. Ralph Somma