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Course Catalog » Religious Studies

Religious Studies

All students are required to successfully complete four years of Religious Studies.



015 Religion 9

This is a full year course which includes:

Hebrew Scriptures – Quarter I and II

The students will be instructed in methods of bible study and key themes in the major books of the Hebrew Scriptures.

Christian Scriptures – Quarter III and IV

The students will be introduced to the New Testament, focusing on the gospels. Key themes in the preaching of Jesus will be considered in detail. The seven sacraments will be considered in relationship to the biblical preaching and contemporary issues.

Credit:  1

Instructor: Ms. Michele Cipriano 


020 Religion 10

This is a full year course that teaches:

Life in Christ – Quarter I and Quarter II

Jesus reveals how we should live and is the model of Christian life. In our study of personal morality we will explore the dignity of the human person, the ethical teachings of Christ, and, with the help of Scripture and Tradition, the student will learn a workable method of approaching personal moral decisions.

Life in Christ – Quarter III and Quarter IV

“How do I live as a Beatitude Person in a world filled with many voices clamoring for my attention?” This will be the focus of social morality. By our nature, we are social beings and are linked to the rest of humanity; we will be held accountable not only for the things we have done, but also for the things we failed to do for others – particularly the marginalized. Since morality is not just about us, but is about society as well, students will stay current on pressing moral topics and ethical issues of the day and will be able to critically formulate and intelligently express their positions on a multiplicity of moral, ethical, religious, political and social justice issues.

Credit:  1

Instructor: Ms. Maryann DeLuca


030 Religion 11

This is a full year course that teaches:

Social Justice – Quarter I-III

This course explores the social dimension of Christian faith. Students will explore the essential characteristics of a Catholic vision of social justice. Through social analysis and theological reflection they will explore the Christian challenge to truly live gospel values. The course culminates in a project that integrates their service work done throughout the year and with their critical reflection on the demands of the gospel.


Credit:   1

Instructor: Mrs. Megan Correira 


040 Religion 12       

This is a full year course that teaches:

Jesus in Christian Faith – Quarter I and II

All religious language is an attempt to articulate our experience of our human limits, our sorrows and our joys. The goal of this course is to consider three fundamental human questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? The life and teachings of Jesus are considered in the light of his answers to these fundamental questions. The course will provide an introduction to Christianity highlighting scripture, creedal statements, rites, theological writings, artistic expressions, and other discourses manifesting and expressing the Christian faith in its various traditions throughout its two thousand year development.

Building Loving Relationships – Quarter III and Quarter IV

The goal of this course is to consider love as the heart of all human experience. The foundation of our vision of love is the New Testament vision of Jesus and the interpretation of that vision in the history of Christian life and thought. Contemporary questions related to our loving relationships will be viewed through these dual perspectives. Qualifying students may take this course for St. John’s University credit.

Qualifying students may take this course for St. John’s University credit.

Credit:  1

Instructor: Dr. Fred Herron


Religion in Cinema Grade 11, 12

Cinema offers a unique artistic insight into humanity’s deepest hopes and concerns. The goal of this course is to look at a selection of representative films which offer valuable insights into critical elements of Catholic faith. Students selecting this course must be committed to significant independent research including watching one film each cycle as well as preparing three major collaborative presentations each quarter related to these assigned films.

Co-requisite: Religion 11 or Religion 12

Credit: ½

Instructor: Dr. Fred Herron