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World Languages

Diploma Requirements

Fontbonne Hall Academy requires 3 years of study in a Language other than English (LOTE). However, a 4th year of study is strongly recommended.  For the Advanced Regents Diploma, a student must pass the comprehensive examination in the LOTE after the third year of study.

Students beginning a second world language must continue for 2 years.



380 Introduction to Latin

This is a one year course for beginners in Latin which provides the basic knowledge of the essential Latin forms, grammar, syntax, and vocabulary from which so many English words derive.  This aspect of the course will lead to an increased understanding of how Latin and English function, and therefore help our students prepare for the SAT and ACT.  Also, in a highly interactive learning setting the course offers a general introduction to Roman history and culture through text analyses by classical authors.

Credit:  1

Instructor: Mrs. Neli Brussi 



312 Level 1 – Italian / 314 Level 1 – Spanish         

Level 1 of a language is designed to give the beginning student pronunciation, grammar, syntax, and listening comprehension in the target language.  Basic everyday conversation, requesting and providing information related to daily life are practiced. Grammar will stress verbal conjugations enabling students to express information in the present, past and future tenses. A basic cultural awareness of the target language is inaugurated.

Credit:  1

Instructors: Ms. Katty Moncada,Ms. Olinda Franceschetti


322 Level 2 – Italian / 324 Level 2 – Spanish        

In these courses more complex structural patterns are offered with continued emphasis on pronunciation and comprehension.  Reading, writing, and conversational skills are further developed through the use of brief stories and compositions and assigned topics concerned with everyday situations. Verbal conjugation is expanded to include the descriptive past. Cultural awareness is continued.

Credit:  1

Instructors: Ms. Katty Moncada, Ms. Olinda Franceschetti


332 Level 3 – Italian / 334 Level 3 – Spanish         

Students learn to use the conditional and subjunctive as well as grammatical structures studied previously for:

  1. Reading comprehension for information as well as pleasure.
  2. Impromptu conversation using listening and speaking skills.
  3. Original written expression in the form of compositions.
  4. Regents preparation.

Cultural study is continued in a multi-media approach.

Credit:  1

Instructors: Ms. Olinda FranceschettiMs. Marangelis Pagan


333 Level 3H – Italian / 335 Level 3H – Spanish

This is an accelerated course that covers topics in preparation for the NYS Comprehensive Language Regents that students will take in June. The course offers more complex grammatical and conversational patterns. Students will practice more advanced listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Pronunciation drills will be stressed.

Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation.

Credit:  1

Instructors: Ms. Marangelis Pagan, Ms. Olinda Franceschetti


342 Level 4 – Adv. Italian Conversation & Culture/344 Level 4 – Adv. Spanish Conversation & Culture

College credit prerequisites: Juniors: 85% average and 500 Verbal / 500 Math on PSAT

    Seniors: 80% average and 500 Verbal / 500 Math on SAT

This course is an advanced conversation and composition course designed for students who wish to perfect their language skills. Grammar, conversation, written assignment and reading based on the works of several major authors from Italy, Spain and Latin America.  Qualifying students may take the course for St. John’s University credit.

Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation.

Credit:  1

Instructors: Ms. Olinda Franceschetti


343 Level 4H – Italian / 354 Level 4H – Spanish

Students will further strengthen their foundation in grammar and syntax. Readings, conversations and written assignments will be based on some of the major language authors. Students will use appropriate vocabulary and learn ways to address different audiences. The successful completion of the course will lead students into college level study in senior year. Students are required to complete a “summer reading” assignment.

Prerequisite:   Teacher Recommendation.

Credit:  1

Instructors: Mrs. Neli Brussi, Ms. Marangelis Pagan


325 AP Italian / AP Spanish     

The aim of this course is the perfection of all the skills requisite to the mastery of the target language namely reading, writing, listening and speaking.  The course is conducted in the targeted language.  Students gain in-depth knowledge of the language with regards to grammar, literature, culture and current events through a wide spectrum of classroom activities.  Furthermore, students will be encouraged to interpret within the appropriate cultural context spoken and written communication by examining movies, texts, radio and television broadcasts and speeches.  Students are required to complete a “summer reading” assignment.

Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation.

Credit:  1

Instructor: Mrs. Neli Brussi 


Online French: Level 1