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Departments & Required Courses

Departments & Required Courses

Course offerings at Fontbonne reflect the need for a solid preparation for the future, while providing for the individual's talents and interests. The descriptions listed below include the minimum requirements necessary for a Regents and Advanced Regents diploma. Refer to the Course selection/catalog for more details.

The Religious Studies curriculum at Fontbonne Hall Academy extends through all four years. Students begin their studies in the 9th year with the Sacred Scriptures, and end their studies in the 12th grade with a course in Loving Relationships. St. John’s credit is available.

All students must take at least four years of English and pass the Comprehensive English Regents in order to earn a New York State and a Fontbonne Hall Diploma. Advanced Placement courses are available.

Four credits including 2 units in Global Hist & Geog,1 unit in US History and Government and ½ unit each in Gov’t and Economics. Passing both the NYS Regents Examination in Global History & Geography and the NYS Regents Examination in US History & Gov’t are required.

This department is the umbrella for Art, Music, Computer Science, Health and Physical Education courses. Senior students are offered a course called Career and Financial Seminar, which provides instruction in interview skills and personal finance.

All students follow the Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 curriculum for three New York State Regents credits for the Advanced Regents Diploma.

The NYS Regents Diploma requires 3 years of Science, the passing of one Regents Examination. The Advanced Regents Diploma requires 3 years of Science; the passing of the Living Environment Regents Examination and one other Regents Examinations in Science.

Fontbonne Hall Academy requires 3 years of study in a Language other than English (LOTE). For the Advanced Regents Diploma, a student must pass the comprehensive examination in the LOTE after the third year of study. Fontbonne offers Spanish and Italian language study.

Fontbonne Hall Academy’s comprehensive student support program is designed to meet the needs of students in each year from the beginning of high school through graduation. Students have Faculty Advisors (FAs) who remain the same during the student’s high school career.