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One-on-One Support

We aim for each student to advocate for herself in getting support when needed; therefore, support is available to students in a variety of forms. 

Many students have resource periods scheduled into their day. Students are encouraged to use their resource periods for extra help when needed. The school publishes a resource schedule, so students are aware of which teachers are available during their resource periods.

Counselors are available for support in general areas such as time management and organization. Counselors also support students in creating a plan for make up work when they miss several days of school due to illness or other extenuating factors. Students are encouraged to set up individual meetings with their counselor on an as-needed basis. 

Some departments also hold extra help sessions in the morning before 8:00 AM or in the afternoon, after dismissal. See below for extra help schedules for specific departments.

In the spring, leading up to the June Regents administration, we offer a program called Shore Road Tutoring. Students who register will take part in focused studying over the course of 10 sessions in the subject area of their choice.

Students who are entitled to SETSS through their IESP have scheduled periods with a special education teacher during the school day. In addition, a special education teacher may push in to classes throughout the week to support students.