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Students » Being a Bonnie

Being a Bonnie

What does it mean to be a Bonnie?

Mariella Sypa, Class of 2015 - "Being a Bonnie is so much more than being just a high school student. Fontbonne is my second home and the people I see on a daily basis are family!! Coming to Fontbonne was, by far, the best decision I've ever made because as a Bonnie I know that I am loved, appreciated, and cared about, which is something that comforts and inspires me as a young woman."
Angela Cerulli, Class of 2015 - " 'Being a Bonnie means being part of a family in which every member supports you. This helps all of us to try our best because we have a wonderful support system backing us up as we receive a superb education."
Victoria Longo, Class of 2015 - "To be a Bonnie means to carry out Fontbonne's tradition of sisterhood, do well in our academics, and love every second of our high school experience."
Raphaela Sicurelli-Greber, Class of 2015 – “To be a Bonnie means having 500 sisters that you would do anything for. We are more than students, teachers and faculty, we are a family.
Jessica Sheldrick, Class of 2015 – “A Bonnie means being part of a family full of love, support, and encouragement. Bonnies have memories that will last a lifetime. A Bonnie is a Fontbonne girl who, from the moment she becomes a freshman, stays with you for the rest of your life. Being a Bonnie is knowing you will have an unbreakable bond of sisterhood with one another forever.

Franchesca Gonzalez, Class of 2016 - “Being a Bonnie means being part of a sisterhood. I get to spend 5 out of 7 days a week learning, praying, and sharing in creative moments in Fontbonne with my best friends!”


Grazia Renda, Class of 2015 - "Being a Bonnie means I know wherever life takes me, Fontbonne will always be my home. The friendships and memories I have made will stay with me for a lifetime!"
Catalina Gaya, Class of 2016 - "Being a Bonnie is a special honor and privilege. Fontbonne is a second home and second family that provides each girl with love, support, encouragement, and a chance to become an influential woman. Deciding to become a Bonnie is the best decision I ever made and I wish every young girl had the chance to experience it for herself."
Shania Shehata, Class of 2016 - "Being a Bonnie means that you are someone who is an active participant in the Fontbonne Community. Bonnies are also smart, driven young ladies, rooted in faith. Lastly, Bonnies are examples of young women who have the capability to shape the future."
Elina Vipul, Class of 2017 - "To be a Bonnie means to be someone with pride to be going to such an excellent school. To me, being a Bonnie is someone who knows that they are in for a bright future ahead of them, because of the fact that they are part of a wonderful school community. Once a Bonnie, always a Bonnie."