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Mrs. Fran Essex, R.N. » Medical Examination Information

Medical Examination Information

Admission Physical - A physical examination dated the year of admission to Fontbonne Hall Academy is mandatory for all 9th graders.  All findings are to be noted on the Fontbonne Hall Academy medical form which can be downloaded from our website on the “Nurse” page or can be obtained from the Nursing Office. The form must be signed, dated and stamped by a Physician.

Transfer Physicals – A physical examination is mandated for all transfer students to Fontbonne Hall Academy.  The form must be signed, dated and stamped by a healthcare provider.  The form must be dated by the provider within the 12 months preceding attending Fontbonne Hall Academy.

 Immunizations – All students must show documentation of complete immunization as mandated by New York City and State Law.  No student will be admitted to school without proof of immunization.

Medical Conditions

All students that have a medical condition suchas diabetes, seizure disorder, asthma, severe allergies which require use of an Epi pen must have on file an annual physical and a self medication release form which allows students to carry their inhalers, Epi pens and diabetic equipment as needed.