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  • Bachelor of Arts in History, Concentration in Military History, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA
  • (In Progress) Masters of Arts History, Military History, SNHU
  • Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Manhattan, NY
Classes for the 2017-2018 Academic School Year:
  • Advanced Placement World History 1
  • Advanced Placement World History 2
  • Global History and Geography 10 
  • Faculty Advisory #24
  • Moderator Students for Soldiers Club (philanthropy) 


Recent Posts

1/22- 1/25 AP2

Tuesday: Old and New Causes of a Second World War
Wednesday: Primary Document Work- Treaty of Versailles
Thursday: Argument Development- Treaty of Versailles
Friday: Class Debate: Was the Treaty of Versailles too punitive?  

1/22- 1/25 AP1

Tuesday: Medieval Europe and Changing Economics
Wednesday:  Medieval Europe and the Role of Women
Thursday: The Decline of Medieval Synthesis
Friday: Post-Classical West and its Heritage

1/22- 1/25 Global 10

Tuesday: Meiji Restorations Handout
Wednesday: Meiji Restoration Video and Response
Thursday: US Economic Policy in Latin America in the 19th Century 
Friday: Monroe Doctrine Political Cartoon Activity 

1/14- 1/18 Global 10

Topics Covered
Monday: Self Rule: Canada, Australia, New Zealand
Tuesday: Quiz Ch. 13 Section 1
Wednesday: Economic Imperialism in Latin America
Thursday: Unit Review
Friday: Unit Test

1/14- 1/18 AP2

Topics Covered
Monday: Revolutionary China, Rise of Mao
Tuesday: Quiz: Ch. 30 Section 2 Ch. 30
Wednesday: Great Depression
Thursday: Unit Review
Friday: Unit Test

1/14-1/18 AP1

Topics Covered
Monday: Post Classical Europe: Feudal Monarchies 
Tuesday:Quiz Sec. 4 and 5 of Ch. 10
Wednesday: Post Classical Europe: Religion
Thursday: Unit Review 
Friday: Unit Test

1/3- 1/11 AP 2

Thursday: Intro to Chapter 30: The World Between the Wars: Revolutions, Depression and Authoritarian Response
Friday: The Roaring 20's
Monday: Revolution, The First Waves: Mexico
Tuesday: Revolution, The First Waves: Russia
Wednesday: Revolution, The First Waves: China
Thursday: Chinese Revolution Continued
Friday: Ch. 30 Revolutions Quiz

1/3- 1/11 AP 1

Thursday: Intro to Eastern European Civilizations
Friday:  The Byzantine Empire in a global context
Monday: The Great Schism
Tuesday: The Spread of Civilization in Eastern Europe
Wednesday: The Emergence of Kievan Rus’
Thursday: Ch. 10 Quiz
Friday: Ch. 10 Group Presentation

1/3- 1/11 Global 10

Thursday: New Imperialism Intro
Friday: Building overseas Empires
Monday: The Partition of Africa
Tuesday: European Claims in Muslim Regions
Wednesday: British Take Over India
Thursday: British Interests and Unrest (India and China)
Friday: China and the New Imperialism

Week of 12/17- 12/21 AP1

Monday: Slideshow review and presentation
Tuesday: Thematic Essay exercise
Wednesday: Ch 9 review
Thursday: Ch 9 Test
Friday: No classes

Week of 12/17- 12/21 AP 2

Monday: India after WWI
Tuesday: Sophomore Trip
Wednesday: All Quiet on the Western Front
Thursday: Test WWI
Friday: No Classes

Week of 12/17- 12/21 Global 10

Monday: Reading Checkpoints Section 1-3
Tuesday: Sophomore trip
Wednesday: Chapter 11 Review
Thursday: Chapter 11 (Sections 1-3) Test
Friday: No classes

Week of 12/10- 12/14 Global 10

Monday: Nationalism Test
Tuesday: Democratic Reform in Britain
Wednesday: Social/Economic Reform in Britain 
Thursday: Britain Reform Quiz
Friday: Faculty Retreat

Week of 12/10- 12/14 AP 1

Monday: Islam in Africa
Tuesday: The Sudanic States
Wednesday: How Gold Shaped African Trade
Thursday: Quiz
Friday: Faculty Retreat  

Week of 12/10-12/14 AP 2

Monday: World War I, The British and German Navy
Tuesday: World War I, The British Dominions
Wednesday: Quiz World War
Thursday: World War I, An Industrial War
Friday: Faculty Retreat