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Teacher Feature

Mrs. Neli Brussi is completing her 18th year of teaching at Fontbonne! She spent the first 8 years of her career as a journalist but was later inspired to pursue teaching by her mother who was also a teacher. For the last 5 years, Mrs. Brussi has been the Chairperson of the World Language Department.  She has taught every level of Italian, as well as Introduction to Latin to the 10th graders. Her B.A is in Italian Language and Literature and Secondary Education, and her M.A is in World/Comparative Literature.  
The experience of living on 3 continents (Europe, Middle East and the U.S) shaped her as a person and allowed her to appreciate the benefits of diversity. It also helped her step outside of her comfort zone and become more confident and capable of connecting with people from all backgrounds, cultures and religions. 
Mrs. Brussi was exposed to being multilingual from a very young age and wants her students to realize the benefits of speaking multiple languages, and learning about new cultures. Along with Ms. Spicijaric, Mrs. Brussi started the “GLOBAL UNITY CLUB”. The goal is for members to gain a global perspective on major political and social issues in society and particularly in New York . "Acting locally but thinking globally" is the club's motto. The focus is on helping students become well rounded individuals, so they can make informed decisions and gain civic skills that will stay with them for life.

In her free time Mrs. Brussi loves to travel with her family. She also bikes, hikes and loves to swim.