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  • John Nash: A Beautiful Mind

    Take a few moments to listen to John Nash tell his story in his own words.

    Uploaded Oct 24, 2017by Fred Herron
  • The Story of Stuff

    The impact of consumer culture on the way we think of our futures and our journeys is worth thinking about. Students will be viewing this video and discussing the impact of their stuff on the way they approach their lives and futures at the start of Cycle 3.

    Uploaded Sep 20, 2017by Fred Herron
  • Closer to Truth

    Dave Mallett reflects on who and what we can trust in the postmodern age.

    Uploaded Sep 19, 2017by Fred Herron
  • Things The Iphone Helped Destroy

    We will be talking about the overwhelming nature of change itself in our upcoming classes. Take a look at this video to get an idea about how one piece of technology has had a profound impact on our lives.

    Uploaded Sep 12, 2017by Fred Herron
  • . I Only Ask One Thing...

    The great Argentinian musician Leon Geon wrote this classic which has a wonderful thought for the start of our year together: "I only ask one thing of God-that I not be indifferent to... the pain...injustice...the battle... the deceit...or the future." Test out your Spanish skills on this version by The Boss-or look up a translation on line.
    As we start this course we will be thinking about our personal journeys-our pilgrim paths- and where we came from as well as where we are going.

    Uploaded Sep 12, 2017by Fred Herron

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